Eric Wilhelm [ewilhelm@sbcglobal.net] quoth:
*>ok, now we see the ratings, click-through to get reviews...
*> http://cpanratings.perl.org/d/CGI.pm
*>Or do we? I get a 404. Not much use.

Well, that's an error and one you should take up with the people who run
the rantings pages at webmaster@perl.org. Graham only pulls the rantings
from their site and it's not local.

*>Finally, here we are at a page with reviews. Frankly, I've never seen one of
*>these before, and I can't say that this one really does me a huge amount of
*>good. I'm much better served by reading the documentation (which should
*>speak for the quality of the module on it's own.) However, the 1-5 star
*>rating DOES provide a nice at-a-glance view of others' opinions.
*>So, we have ratings, and we have reviews. What's wrong?

That's a big question and I have a long answer for that but mostly I've
only seen stuff like Randal extorting authors with 1-star ratings, authors
sniping at each other via rantings and in module docs and, when they
aren't petty and vile they're 5-stars with 'great module'. There's a
smattering of useful reviews but, as on Amazon, YMMV. What's wrong isn't a
software issue.


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