At 10:29 AM -0500 1/15/04, Warren Pollans wrote:

I'd like to start using tags in vim. Google shows that there is a
ptags and a perltags script for creating the tags file and the vim
docs indicate that tags are supported. It doesn't appear to be too
difficult to create the tags file.

QUESTION: What do vim-tag-users use? Or is there a "better" vi/vim
tool? (I don't want to switch to a different editor - sorry)
I have this running in my crontab. I use vim.

0 3 * * * zsh -c 'cd ~;~/bin/pltags.pl (list of wildcards)'

My pltags is a slightly modified version of the original (with
Embperl support added).

# pltags - create a tags file for Perl code, for use by vi(m)
# Distributed with Vim <http://www.vim.org/>, latest version always available
# at <http://www.mscha.com/mscha.html?pltags#tools>

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I'm not sure which upsets me more: that people are so unwilling to accept
responsibility for their own actions, or that they are so eager to regulate
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