At 07:25 PM 2/27/03 +0900, Joel Rees wrote:
In order to handle version transitions cleanly, the run-time library has
to know which version of which modules it's supposed to have, and the
programs which link into it have to know which version they want. Java
can almost handle that.

Is perl there yet? Can a program go to the perl library and say, "I need
to link to HTML::FormatText, any version between n and m," and expect to
be understood?
The ever resourceful Brian Ingerson has released only.pm, which appears to
do exactly this sort of thing. It's still pretty new, but looks very
promising. You can even specify a range of versions, excluding specific
releases within this range! Some people really have too much time on their
hands... This requires 5.6.1 (would it work with 5.6.0?)


From the README:
"The only.pm module allows you to install many different versions of a
Perl module distribution, and then specify which one should be used in
a program.

use only MyModule => '0.50';"

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