At 02:48 PM 2/10/03 -0800, Rich Morin wrote:
After 30+ years of text-based procedural programming, I'm now wrestling
with GUI-based OO programming, in the form of Cocoa, IB, and PB (not to
mention CamelBones :-).

Anyway, one of the things that has been getting in my way is the fact
that I have no text file which documents the relationships between the
objects (GUI and otherwise). So, I worked up a text file format in
which I can write these things down:

Excellent idea! Just this weekend I've been running through the examples in
Learning Cocoa and came across the same problem. For the example apps it's
pretty to easy to keep the relationships in your head. But once you get to
the level of the "Travel Advisor" & beyond, it's just too much! I know the
info is available in the "Attributes" section of the control's Info Box,
but you can't get the big picture from this level. I would love to see an
app released that can create the type of report you mentioned.

After all it's just a matter of parsing the nib file... :-)


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