Bummer but thanks for the info.
Does this mean in ANY Win32 language you cannot interact with a
currently running IE instance via OLE?
I can manipulate IE via Win32::Gui/Test - but even VB or C# can't
manipulate a currently running IE via OLE??

Jan Dubois wrote:
On Sun, 22 Feb 2009, Mark Trostler wrote:
Try as I might I cannot get GetActiveObject to ever return anything
other than undef when using 'InternetExplorer.Application'. I can
create new instances of IE no problem but can NEVER get a currently
running one... It is the foremost window with focus when the code runs
yet GetActiveObject ALWAYS returns undef. How can I get that to work??
I have Windows XP Service Pack 3 - ActiveState perl 5.10 - Win32::OLE
version 0.1709 thanks!! Mark
There is no way to get this working AFAIK. GetActiveObject() requires
that the application registers itself with the COM "Running Objects
Table" (aka ROT). IE doesn't do that, so there is no way to obtain a
handle to an already running instance.


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