Michael R. Wolf wrote:
drew@drewtaylor.com (Drew Taylor) writes:

I wonder if this is the same Gator company that puts out all the
spyware crap that comes with Kazaa et al?

The original posting said:

Follett Library Resources
Attn: Human Resources
1340 Ridgeview Drive
McHenry, IL 60050
Fax 815-578-3520
E-mail address: hr@flr.follett.com

(All this is a cut & paste from our newspaper ad. If you have questions,
you can email me
directly at andy@petdance.com before you try the HR email address)

I've corresponded with Andy Lester regarding some of the modules he's
posted to CPAN (under the name of PETDANCE). WWW::Mechanize, his
latest, has gotten caused quite a bit of interest. Although it's
meant to be a testing tool for web interfaces, it's a great tool for
creating programatic interfaces (e.g. screen scrapers).

Given his commitment to CPAN in general and libraries in specific, I'd
consider this posting to be be above average for legitimacy and job
I know Andy's reputation and certainly was not implying he worked for a
spyware company! In fact, if I lived in the Chicago area I would
certainly interview for the job. I might even have a decent chance of
getting it. :-)

But I'm pretty sure we're talking about different jobs here. The job I
posted about was http://jobs.perl.org/job/715, which is no longer
available in the database. It was definitely for a company named Gator,
not Follett.


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