First, it's unlikely this is on-topic for the list either. There are
at least 2 mailing lists, both apparently
still active, which have had good Oracle experts as members, at least
as of a few years ago.


I am no longer a DBA and don't subscribe to either right now, so
can't comment on the current quality.
As of 2003 I was partial to oracle-L.

I suppose you might be tickling a DBI or DBD::Oracle bug somewhere
here, but I think you'll be better off
trying to trace it from the Oracle side first - in which case this is
not the right forum.

Second, if you haven't read it, please google "How to stop
defragmenting and start living".
You may have good reasons to watch your extent growth, but in general
it should just not be an
issue for Oracle 8i or higher. But this is also off-topic.

Good luck,
On Nov 9, 2005, at 4:21 PM, Vergara, Michael ((TEM)) wrote:
Hello Everyone:

Thanks to all who have responded to my question about logging.
That got me to the problematic SQL. This SQL,
on just one instance, hangs and does not complete. I have let it
run for hours to no avail. When I run this
query at SQL*Plus I get...
<statement snipped>

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