use IO::Handle;
LOGF->autoflush( 1 );

In the teach a man to fish spirit, look at the Perl Cookbook section 7.19.
Also Programming Perl says a few things about this topic. You should have
those books handy if you're writing much Perl code.

That wasn't really a DBI question though.


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Subject: Logging Question

Hello Everyone:

I have a Perl script that connects to multiple Oracle databases. I have the
script write some status information to
a log file. There is one particular database that hangs in processing, and
I don't know why. The log file does not seem
to be written until the file is closed.

I am wondering, is there a Perl command or technique that will force lines
that are logically written to a log file to be
physically written to that file?

Here's my opening code:
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Open Log file
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
my $logFileName = "${HomeDir}/work/monitor/output/logs/db_status.log";
open( LOGF, ">>" . $logFileName ) or die "\nCannot open log file\n\n";
print LOGF "\n----------\n";
print LOGF sprintf("db_status started at %02d-%02d-%04d %02d:%02d:%02d\n",
$Tm->mon+1, $Tm->mday, $Tm->year+1900, $Tm->hour,
$Tm->min, $Tm->sec );

The line that says 'db_status started...' does not get written for the
hanging system because I usually 'kill -9' or 'Ctrl-C'
the process. I'd like to force a write after each section so I can see
there the process is hanging.

Any help will be appreciated.



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