On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 09:40:17PM -0700, Jonathan Leffler wrote:
DBD::Informix 0.95 introduced the internal tables function; no-one
should still be using any earlier versions of DBD::Informix than
1.00.PC1, so the 'sad hack' can go - especially since it actually
doesn't work reliably for Informix anyway.
Yeap. That's what I thought. Hence the 'todo' list entry. Thanks for
the confirmation.
I note that the DBI (v1.42 RC1, but I don't think it changed) version
does not handle schema names containing quotes:

CREATE TABLE """""".blanketyblank (...);

This is a valid table called blanketyblank owned by (belonging to
schema) double-quote, double-quote in an ISO-compliant SQL database.
Granted, that's kinda esoteric, but if you're worrying about quoting
stuff just in case, hadn't you better worry about all the cases that
might just occur?
Of course, and it seems to work just fine:

$ perl -w -MDBI -e 'warn DBI->connect("dbi:NullP:")->quote_identifier(undef, q{""}, "blanketyblank")'
""""""."blanketyblank" at -e line 1.


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