I'm still trying to debug the coredump problem that I'm
getting with DBD::Oracle on HP-UX 11.00 (about which I posted to the
list a few days ago), but in the interim I'm trying to find a kludge
to get this system up and running. One idea that occurred to me, and
which immediately made me recoil in horror but which I probably need
to explore anyway since it might be my only solution at the moment,
is to convert all of my DBD::Oracle calls to calls to the native Oracle
sqlplus binary (which works fine on the system in question). Before
I go down that path, though, I thought I'd see if anyone knew of any
prior art in that area that I might be able to reuse; CPAN didn't seem
to have anything of relevance. If anyone has other suggestions for
temporary workarounds while I try to figure out the real problem (or
suggestions for figuring out that real problem, for that matter), that
would also be greatly appreciated.



Sweth Chandramouli Idiopathic Systems Consulting
svc@idiopathic.net http://www.idiopathic.net/

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