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On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 04:28:13AM -0400, Rudy Lippan wrote:
Hello all,

I have put together a *BETA* release of DBD::mysql, and I would like to
get some feedback esp. WRT any breakage/bugs. If things look good I will
go ahead and release this as 2.1027.

The tarball is here:

List of Changes:

* Updated type_info_all() to be more inline with
what DBD::ODBC returns.
* Added attribute 'auto_reconnect' that allows the auto reconnect
behaviour to be toggled.
That should be 'mysql_auto_reconnect' of course.
Right now this attribute defaults to
ON for backward compatibility; however, the default behaviour
may change so that auto_reconnect only defaults to on
in a mod_perl env.
I hope it will before the release. The current behaviour is unsafe for
any application using locks.
* Added statistics attribute, 'mysql_dbd_stats' which returns
a hashref that contains 2 keys 'auto_reconnects' and
I'm a bit of a pedant when it comes to lexical ordering of things.
I'd prefer 'auto_reconnects' and 'auto_reconnects_failed' (assuming
auto_reconnects counts attempts, not just successes, otherwise it
should be something like auto_reconnects_okay).
* Fixed bug where strings that were used in numeric
context were not getting quoted on execute(). Now all
parameters are bound as varchar by default.

**NOTE** this is a chage in behaviour that MAY cause problems
with some SQL statements. If quoted integers causes any
s/integers/integers, for example,/
use bind_param(<column_id>, SQL_INTEGER) to force
a column
to be bound as an integer.

Thanks Rudy.


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