Jon Ernster writes:
Having problems compiling DBD::Pg on a RHEL 5.5 machine running Perl 5.8.8
running Greenplum which is based on PostgreSQL 8.2.15. [...]
dbdimp.c:55: error: conflicting types for ‘lo_import_with_oid’

/usr/local/GP- error: previous declaration
of ‘lo_import_with_oid’ was here

dbdimp.c:56: error: conflicting types for ‘lo_import_with_oid’

/usr/local/GP- error: previous declaration
of ‘lo_import_with_oid’ was here
That's caused by the following dbdimp.c section:

#if PGLIBVERSION < 80400

Oid lo_import_with_oid (PGconn *conn, char *filename, unsigned int lobjId);
Oid lo_import_with_oid (PGconn *conn, char *filename, unsigned int lobjId) {
         croak ("Cannot use lo_import_with_oid unless compiled against Postgres 8.4 or later");


According to


the correct prototype is

Oid lo_import_with_oid(PGconn *conn, const char *filename, Oid lobjId);

but since your libpq-fe has this this interface, you might not want to
disable it. A "quick and dirty" fix would be to delete the ifdef
block. A better idea might be to change the condition such that the
code won't be compiled for your server version, eg, by examining some
'vendor specific macro'.

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