I believe Leon Timmermans is already established as a maintainer of
Module::Build, so things should be fine there.

Since I'm already a release wrangler on YAML-Tiny, upon which
CPAN-Meta-YAML is based, I'm happy to coordinate its releases as well. I'm
happy to take on Perl-OSType too since it is indeed quite straightforward
(along with whoever else in the gang is interested).

I won't object to additional comaint bits on any of the other distributions
you listed (the more the merrier, for redundancy) but cannot make any
promises as to bandwidth for processing its outstanding issues.

On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 3:32 AM, David Golden wrote:

Many of you may have noticed that over the last year, I've been stepping
back from active toolchain development. While I will continue supporting
certain areas (META related stuff) and hope to step up my efforts in other,
neglected areas (CPAN Testers), there are several modules where it no
longer makes sense for me to be co-maintainer.

I am the sole "active" co-maintainer on the following distributions; for
redundancy, I suggest a new co-maintainer should be found as backup:

* File-Temp
* Module-Build
* File-chdir

The following distributions I plan to step away from, but have other
co-maintainers already:

* ExtUtils-CBuilder
* ExtUtils-Install
* Module-CoreList
* Module-Metadata

I am -- and will remain -- primary maintainer of the following, but there
are no co-maintainers; I'd like someone(s) to volunteer to be my backup
(the work should be trivial):

* Perl-OSType


David Golden <xdg@xdg.me> Twitter/IRC/Github: @xdg

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