On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 12:06 PM, Peter Rabbitson wrote:

Copying a rhetorical question from #distzilla here, as it warrants a wider
audience. The background is yet another discussion of a kludgy workaround
where an installation with an older JSON parser is tripped by unicode in
META.json. Unicode that doesn't really serve any purpose for an installing

<ribasushi> why do we continue to keep trying to stuff unicode into meta
in the first place?
<ribasushi> the authorship information has nothing to do with installation
<ribasushi> we use it for display purposes only (e.g. metacpan)
<ribasushi> anyone considered META.meta or similar?
<ribasushi> I am not even talking about 5.8 at this point - on windows
having unicode in meta will be forever a pain
<ribasushi> ( due to Xmake proliferation and various backwards compat
kludges which leak META into the generated makefile )
<mst> I dunno, my stuff only ever handled it in the first place because
ilmari complained at me
<ribasushi> https://metacpan.org/source/ETHER/Moose-2.1605/META.json <---
2600 lines, maybe 20 of them have to do with actual installation and are
expected to be read by *any* installer. The rest... is best effort anyway,
why not separate it and stay happy
<dipsy> [ META.json - metacpan.org ]
<mst> hmm. I bet the original goal was for the META file to be fed into
packaging systems
<ribasushi> right, which was in another era more or less ( no cpanm, no
metacpan, no perl-pkg groups etc )
<ribasushi> perhaps rethinking "Meta for end-user install purposes" and
"Meta for meta" would solve most of the recent repeated breakages by "oh
downstream doesn't like this new thingymagic"
I'm pretty sure I've expressed exactly this sentiment before. Even
Module::Build::Tiny, which is entirely dependent on the meta files for its
operation, is using only 3 fields (name, version, prereqs); most other
tools wouldn't even need the first two. A cpan client would also use
dynamic_config, anything else is really either for pause or for metacpan &

I'm not sure changing this now is really going to make things better though.


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