* David Golden [2016-02-27 13:25]:
The more interesting question is "why are we using META for installation"
Because we can’t go back in time and make historical versions of EUMM/MB
*not* use META for installation. End of line.
If the problem is with MYMETA, I have no problem having MYMETA strip
out everything but absolutely essential fields – but then affected
users have to upgrade their EU::MM/M::B, which is no better than
having them upgrade their JSON parser, so I don't think it's worth the
effort to do so.
But can we get to a situation where nobody needs to upgrade anything?

That would be possible if we introduce a new file (e.g. INFO [^1]) for
the things we currently stuff into META in spite of EUMM/MB never having
cared about them. The data EUMM/MB do care about doesn’t really require
Unicode, so if we only leave that data there, then historical versions
of EUMM looking for META.json and parsing it using a broken JSON parser
will work just fine, without the need to upgrade anything. So riba’s
proposal has a benefit: it makes life better for users on old installs.

Introducing a new file for install-time metadata (just because we once
named another file META and would like to have that name continue to
refer to all metadata about the distribution) would require everyone to
upgrade their EUMM/MB to a version that supports this new file. This is
much worse than making them upgrade their JSON parser. So might as well
not do the separate files and just keep stuffing everything into META.
That is, your line of thought here doesn’t seem to add up to any benefit
for anyone compared to the current situation.

It is true that using META for install-time data and then INFO (or some
other name) for “general” metadata is annoying. But that’s the only way
that it makes sense to separate the data into different files.

[^1]: I don’t like `META.meta`. :-)

Aristotle Pagaltzis // <http://plasmasturm.org/>

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