CPANdeps (http://deps.cpantesters.org) has been providing useful
information on water quality. It might be enough to make a better or
opinionated presentation of it for the upriver authors. IMHO META
files and min version specification depends more on when a
distribution is released and don't well fit for water quality metrics.
I’m not convinced on min version either, but am leaning towards including it, if we can come up with a definition that’s practical and useful.

I think “has a META.yml or META.json” is worth keeping in, as there are a number of benefits to having one, and I suspect there’s at least some correlation between dists that don’t have a META file and dists that haven’t listed all prereqs (eg in the Makefile.PL).

That said, I’m really just experimenting here, trying to find things that are useful indicators for whether a dist is good to rely on.


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