Given an email I had off-list, I’ll clarify something related to the PR challenge (PRC):

Through the year I had the occasional email from *authors* whose distributions had been assigned, and who got a PR that addressed kwalitee fails and nothing else. They weren’t happy with these PRs.

Recently, I sent a questionnaire to all authors who’d had at least one distribution assigned in the PRC. I got quite a few more comments from authors saying that they didn’t want to get kwalitee PRs.

On the flip-side, some *participants* got assignments where they said “the only thing I can think to do is kwalitee improvements, which I don’t want to do, so please can I have a different assignment”.

Originally I didn’t plan to run the PRC in 2016, but enough people have asked to do it again next year that I’m now going to, but with some changes.

In particular I’m going to email all authors with a repo and get them to opt-in, rather than the system for 2015, which was opt-out.


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