I thought the "min perl version" is a tough metric without considering what
version of Perl it will actually run on. I would refine that metric to
"declared min perl version >= actual perl version required". Figuring out
the latter could perhaps be done via CPAN Testers -- if all of 5.6 fails,
then we know it's 5.8 or better. But if there is at least one 5.6 pass,
then it works on 5.6. And if it works on 5.6, I think omission of a
minimum perl version is no big deal.

I don't want to see go down the Kwalitee route where people put a minimum
perl version of "5" or something just to get a better water quality score.

Generally, I think some subset of the core Kwalitee metrics and some
adaptation of your adoption criteria (e.g. time since any release by
author) would be a place to look for "water quality" metrics. I do think
you need to find a way to distinguish what water quality is trying to
measure distinct from Kwalitee.


On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 6:05 PM, Neil Bowers wrote:

At the London Perl Workshop I gave a talk on the CPAN River, and how
development and release practices should mature as a dist moves up river.
This was prompted by the discussions we had at Berlin earlier this year.

Writing the talk prompted a bunch of ideas, one of which is having a
“water quality” metric, which gives some indication of whether a dist is a
good one to rely on (needs a better name). I’ve come up with a first
definition, and calculated the metric for the different stages of the river:


Any thoughts on what factors should be included in such a metric? I think
it should really include factors that it would be hard for anyone to argue
with. Currently the individual factors are:

- Not having too many CPAN Testers fails
- Having a META.json or META.yml file
- Specifying the min perl version required for the dist


At some point I’ll share the slides from my talk, but slideshare doesn’t
handle keynote presentations, and the exported powerpoint from keynote is
broken (neither powerpoint nor slideshare can handle it!)

David Golden <xdg@xdg.me> Twitter/IRC/Github: @xdg

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