On Jun 16, 2011, at 3:47, David Precious wrote:

Incidentally, I've not seen any reports on the progress of instant mirroring for a bit - have I missed anything?

No - it's working nicely.

You want to upgrade to 0.2.1 if you haven't already. It's fixing deletion of symlinks that weren't before (Henk noticed!).

The outstanding todos are:

1) Get the rest of the mirrors using funet to stop doing that (to help out the funet people).
2) Encourage people to use instant mirroring (this can wait until it's been tested even more).
3) Make cpan-rsync.perl.org point to a geographically nearby (and up-to-date) mirror. I thought this would be needed sooner; but the new master server is doing fine so far (Yay for SSD!)

- ask

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