Michael G Schwern wrote:
* Downgraded the 999 dotted version limit to a "should".
That's a pretty substantial change that shouldn't be made without the
kind of detailed discussion that went into 2.0.
* Reduced the minimum number of integers in a dotted version to one.
Rationale: Neither v1 nor v1.2 are ambiguous.
Dotted v1.2 is very different from fractional 1.2. Historically the "v"
is not sufficient to distinguish them. The minimum of three segments
in a dotted version has been devised precisely to avoid this ambiguity.

On both of these points, spec version 2.0 is conforming to the "strict"
syntax that has been carefully worked out for version.pm. The meta
spec should continue to conform to the strict syntax unless there's an
overwhelmingly good reason to deviate from it.


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