I've gone ahead and patched up a copy of the spec to resolve the version
issues I've been going on about (David, I wouldn't expect you to do the work
after you've just did all the work to mint the whole release).

The work can be found here for review.

I'm sure the wording around how to convert could be done better.

Here's what was done:

AFAIK what I wrote exactly matches what version.pm does now. If it doesn't,
its a mistake.

* Version comparison has been documented.

* Version conversion has been documented.

* Downgraded the 999 dotted version limit to a "should".
Rationale: Its only for extreme backwards compat.

* Reduced the minimum number of integers in a dotted version to one.
Rationale: Neither v1 nor v1.2 are ambiguous.

* Three integers in a dotted version is now a "should".
Rationale: Its still a good idea.

* Changed the spec version to v3.0.0 to enable finer grained versioning
spec changes. See <http://semvar.org>.

* Changed the CPAN::Meta distribution version to v3.0.0.0 reflecting it
as the first release of the library representing v3.0.0 of the spec.
See https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=55718 for the patch
that allows vX.Y.Z Dist::Zilla versions.

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