Excerpts from David E. Wheeler's message of Thu Jan 07 17:36:44 -0500 2010:
I've posted a [plan] to implement [PGAN], a CPAN for PostgreSQL extensions.
I've tried to closely follow the [CPAN philosophy] to come up with a plan that
requires a minimum-work implementation that builds on the existing PostgreSQL
tools and the examples of the [CPAN] and [JSAN]. My hope is that it's full of
JFDI! I would be very grateful for feedback and suggestions.
Perl's toolchain went through a lot of growing pains in order to let
distributions control their own installation process (./Build) rather than
invoking an external binary (make).

You may want to sidestep some of this pain from the beginning by having the
install process always run something from . instead of depending on make. e.g.


Maybe your client can even assume make && make install && make installcheck if
any of those executables aren't present, but being able to override them easily
is a huge win for future extensibility.

Even if make is currently the standard, well, that was true of EUMM too; have
you ever tried to extend it?

I've never written a postgres extension, obviously, so all of the above may not
be relevant.


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