On Jan 7, 2010, at 9:06 PM, David Golden wrote:

If CPAN required an Makefile.PL/Build.PL, then the clients would know
what do with scripts (i.e. install them!). There are raw .pm files on
CPAN, too. CPAN.pm generates a Makefile.PL for those.
Yeah, crazy, eh? Maybe I will require a Makefile just because it's easier for the toolchain.
Will have to check that out. I plan to steal everything I can can from PAUSE, CPAN, CPAN.pm, CPANPLUS, and JSAN::Client.
See File::Rsync::Mirror::Recent
Interesting. I especially like the "!!!! PRE-ALPHA ALERT !!!!".
Yes, but you're talking about various PGXS extensions people might
add. I'm saying that you should be explicit about what is supported
and what not. (E.g. the pgan client will support PGXS version X.YZ)
Oh, yes. It will support whatever is in PostgreSQL 8.0+ most likely. Maybe 8.1.
[Ed. note: If CT2.0 migration happens on schedule, a common CPAN/PLUS
config system may be my QA hackathon project.]
I'll be at OSCON for sure!
I may try to go this year as I've never been and some of the CPAN and
CPAN Testers developments would be fun to talk about.
Yeah, it's a good show, a kind of annual reunion. You should come!



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