Ask Bjoern Hansen [ask@perl.org] quoth:
*>On 28 Mar 2003, Peter Scott wrote:
*>The box had gone $%#$ and Ben who is the only one with physical
*>access (it's in St. Louis) had gone missing.

Actually, it appears that it was a victim of a syn flood DoS or a monster
crawler that managed to fill /tmp which then managed to hose one of the
filesystems keeping it from rebooting without manual intervention. I have
a strong suspicion that it is the result of the very unpatriotic blog
entry I wrote since it sits on the same box and I may need to move it if
people are going to pull that kind of crap.

I've been meaning to get those other two 200Rs up and going for a bit of
redundancy but all this moving and renovation and learning finnish has
kept me more busy than expected...but, I'll shoot for sometime next week.

As ever, many many thanks go to Ben for hosting the box and rescuing it :)


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