On 5/29/13 10:24 AM, Shlomi Fish wrote:
# Testing XML::Grammar::Fortune::Synd 0.0208, Perl 5.014002,
t\00-load.t ............... ok
t\01-run.t ................ ok
Can't open 'C:\Users\SOLIMA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\ZMHh2bzmTs/fort.yaml' for
Note the forward slash. The test contains hard coded forward slashes.
Sometimes Windows will handle mixed forward slashes, sometimes not.
That would be the first thing I would fix.

How hard should it be to get temporary directories/files to work on Windows?
About as hard as File::Spec->catfile($temp_dir, "fort.yaml"). Don't get
sloppy with file paths.

Shlomi, I've been back on this list for just a few weeks, but I'm pretty
sure this is not the "fix my module on your OS" mailing list or the "it
can't be my code, your smoker is broken" list. This is a list to
discuss the running of CPAN testing machines.

I know getting failures is frustrating, this does not allow you being
rude to volunteers by blaming their machines for your bugs and then
expecting this list to fix your portability mistakes without so much as
a "sorry". I realize there may be a language/culture barrier, but
apologizing when you're wrong is pretty basic.

1) Assuming the smoker is broken is the LAST resort.

2) Assuming the OS is broken/stupid is also the LAST resort.

3) If you do think the smoker is broken, be nice about reporting it. Do
not dump your frustrations on the list or the volunteer.

4) When it turns out the bug is in your code, apologize for using
people's time.

5) Do not use this mailing list as your personal portability fix queue.

Install some VMs and start testing your stuff. VirtualBox is free and
runs on just about everything. Keep installs of things like BSD and
Windows around. Use those installs as your debugging tool before you
assume the smoker is broken or come here for help.

Then, if you really think the smoker is broken, you can report it NICELY
and without forwarding your frustrations to the volunteer who runs the
machine and without expecting them to fix your problem.


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