On 2/10/2011 4:39 AM, Anton Berezin wrote:
As for modules/by-module not having the most recent version, I think
that something has happened to one of CPAN's indexing jobs in the start of
last December. I have not investigated any further and have not talked
to people who might know for sure, but that was my impression.
I have ties to Andreas of CPAN b/c of my mod_perl involvement and can
ask if someone wants me to.

The largest reason for where something show up though is if you just
release the module or if you've 'registered' the namespace. There is
also permissions at plan 'MAINT/CO-MAINT' in PAUSE terms.

mod_perl being CO-MAINT for APML but never once released by it.

Also some CPAN urls result in redirects, others do not. Its quite a
subtantial load difference for them to have to process 5 redirects per
request from fbd ports vs none.

1024D/DB9B8C1C B90B FBC3 A3A1 C71A 8E70 3F8C 75B8 8FFB DB9B 8C1C
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