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Wanted to ask a question about practical beginners guides for perl.
How about the 10 or so docs that 'perldoc perldoc' references. Or you
download 'modern perl' for free - can't comment much on the book because
I haven't read much of it but it seemed to be good. HTH

Ah, almost forgot - the perl cookbook.
Thanks there is a lot at http://perldoc.perl.org/index-tutorials.html
Which Perl Should I use ActivePerl or Strawberry Perl on Windows? 5.10 or
Definitely Strawberry Perl: it is free-as-in-beer, open-source, free-as-in-
speech, community-driven, and allows you to install stuff from CPAN without
having to resort to a lot of proprietary and costly software from Microsoft.
You should make use of the latest version of perl 5 available for it - namely
5.12.x , as 5.10.x was recently end-of-lifed, and there's now perl-5.14.x.


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