Hi Ambuli,

a few comments on your code:
On Friday 20 May 2011 14:37:52 Ambuli wrote:
Here i paste a perl script to delete last Two Lines. If you want
delete more lines in a file you can specify it.

Always start with "use strict;" and "use warnings".
use File::ReadBackwards;
Include some empty lines between logical paragraphs of your code.
my $filename = 'test.txt';
This is better specified as a command line argument
my $Lines_to_truncate = 2; # Here the line to truncate is mean Remove
only Last Two Lines
The style of your variable name is very strange. It should be:

my $num_lines_to_truncate = 2;

Also consider specifying it using Getopt::Long.
my $bw = File::ReadBackwards->new( $filename )
or die "Could not read backwards in [$filename]: $!";
The "or die" should be indented.
my $lines_from_end = 0;
until( $bw->eof or $lines_from_end == $Lines_to_truncate )
print "Got: ", $bw->readline;
The print here is redundant and only adds noise and clutter to the output.
truncate( $filename, $bw->tell );
It would be safer to keep track of the position, then destroy $bw, and only
then truncate the file.


Shlomi Fish

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