Hi all,

I've received quite a lot of heat from people here and elsewhere, due to the
fact that I sometimes referred people to resources on http://perl-begin.org/ ,
in part because it is my own work. In this message, I'd like to note why I
have been linking there and will continue to link there, while taking the fact
that it is my own site into consideration, and that I cannot be accused of
hypocricity for making use of it here ( also see
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem ).

Now, the main contender for the Perl Beginners' Site is http://learn.perl.org/
. Now comparing between the two we get:

1. The licence of most of http://perl-begin.org/ is
http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ which allows for almost unlimited
use given attribution (parts of perl-begin are Public Domain , GFDL and
recently we mirrorred the CC-by-nc-sa Modern Perl book by chromatic).

This is while the licence of learn.perl.org is
http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ which is the most
restrictive of the Creative Commons licences, and prevents a lot of use.

2. The coverage of http://perl-begin.org/ is much bigger than learn.perl.org.
There are many more tutorials in the tutorials section, and there are many
more pages on http://perl-begin.org/ including for some motivation on *why* to
learn Perl, for resources about what to learn Perl from ( tutorials and books,
including some that are mirrored locally, IDEs and editors, core
documentation, collectionsof articles, FAQs and Exercises ) as well as how to
get help (mailing lists, web forums, IRC channels, wikis and blogs). If that's
not enough, there's also a coverage of platforms where Perl can run on, Common
Uses (including Bio-info, chat bots, databases, email, QA and testing, text
processing, etc.) and Perl topics ( e.g: date and time, debugging, hashes,
references, regular expressions, Object Oriented Perl)

3. We are referring people to the appropriate resources on learn.perl.org
where appropriate.

4. Perl-Begin is maintained in an open Mercurial repository on
http://bitbucket.org/ , which everyone can "fork", "clone" and contribute to.
I accept any input, reports on typos, corrections, even without cloning the
respository etc.

On the other hand, effectively contriubting to learn.perl.org has proven to be
extremely difficult due to hostility and elitism on the part of its
maintainers. In order to contribute to http://perl-begin.org/ all I need to do
is patch the sources in my personal clone of the repository. On the other
hand, just writing a patch to add a tutorials page to learn.perl.org proved to
take several days of active discussion and red tape, and the patch ended up
beign committed to the repository, in a derived state to what I approved, and
without the http://perl-begin.org/ origins and my contributions even
attributed in the Subversion commit message (which is a violation of its CC-by

5. Perl-Begin has been actively maintained since its inception. On the other
hand, learn.perl.org has been suffering from a lot of neglect and often years
on end passed without activity.


If you can think of a good reason why I should refer people to any other site
besides http://perl-begin.org/ (even taking into account that I am its
originator and chief maintainer), then please share it now. Otherwise, I find
http://perl-begin.org/ far superior to all of its competition and as such
would appreciate that people:

1. Won't have any qualms for me recommending it, because I'm acting based on
the Perl world's best interests for recommending it instead of a far inferior

2. Will consider recommending it to people they encounter themselves, as well
as linking to it.

It's high time we put the ad-hominem tendency of accusing someone of being
selfish for recommending projects that they contributed to, to rest. There are
many good reasons for prefering http://perl-begin.org/ over learn.perl.org and
I'm not acting selfishly for recommending it, because it actually does rock.


Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish http://www.shlomifish.org/
List of Portability Libraries - http://shlom.in/port-libs

Tel Aviv - a functional definition: free parking space-free space.
-- Shachar Shemesh ( http://blog.shemesh.biz/?p=435 )

Please reply to list if it's a mailing list post - http://shlom.in/reply .

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