On Wednesday 11 May 2011 05:57:50 Jeff Pang wrote:
2011/5/11 <sono-io@fannullone.us>:
Can someone recommend a good ISP that keeps up with Perl? Right
now we're with A2 Hosting and they're still stuck at version 5.8.8, and
they refuse to upgrade because, and I quote,
Using VPS you can install any version of Perl.
Curently I am using two VPS, one is Linode, another is namecheap's.
Or try Amoson AMS for a year free.
You can also install a different perl somewhere under ~/ using perlbrew or


Of course, making this perl behave well with mod_perl/etc. is a massive

That put aside, maintaining a Virtual Private Server (VPS), which is for-all-
practical-purposes a server, is considerably harder than maintaining an ssh
account, and requires one to be a good system administrator if you don't want
to get cracked. I was told that most good programmers do not make good system
administrators (despite the fact that all clueful system administrators need
to know how to code and write scripts and other stuff), because it's a very
different mentality. So I would suggest you find a better ssh-hosting, unless
you are sure you can actively maintain a proper VPS.


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