Hi Agnello,
On Friday 29 Apr 2011 13:26:29 Agnello George wrote:

I have as hash within my script.pl file which look like this

### code follows

But it obviously looks too messy to add it all in one script.pl , as
i am going to add new keys and values to the hash , and as i am going
to keep adding to the hash later on i would need to automatically
generate my hash from a database, what is the best way to maintain the
config file which will contain the hash , and how do i use it within
multiple scripts .
You should create a module for that: define a global variable and put a
subroutine that returns a reference to it. Note that you should probably use
YAML or JSON or perhaps JSYNC, for this configuration file if you are going to
use a module, because outputting Perl code from a larger program is error
prone, and people may be tempted to edit this code by hand.


Shlomi Fish

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