Hi Uri,
On Monday 25 Apr 2011 05:18:21 Uri Guttman wrote:
"BF" == Brian Fraser <fraserbn@gmail.com> writes:
BF> http://ideone.com/YGq85

a small request. you can post link to pastebots but also paste the code
in emails here. i can reply and quote code better staying in my emailer
than going back and forth to a web page. emacs does a fine job of
marking off quoted emails which i don't get when using a pastebot.

<was that polite enough for the tone phreaks out there?> :)
I guess it was for a change. :-) UriGuttman++ . It was a valid and wise
request, naturally, too, from the education for usability persepective (even
for people who are not using Emacs or a similar client), so thanks!

I hope you keep up this trend.

Sorry if I sounded too phony, but I tried to be sincere,

Shlomi Fish (E-mail ethics policeman - ;-))

Shlomi Fish http://www.shlomifish.org/
"The Human Hacking Field Guide" - http://shlom.in/hhfg

Tcl is Lisp on drugs. Using strings instead of S-expressions for closures is
Evil with one of those gigantic E's you can find at the beginning of chapters.

Please reply to list if it's a mailing list post - http://shlom.in/reply .

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