I setup a menu to connect form an operator's Unix account to my VMS
Server. A menu is displayed, and as long as my menu options do not
require a response form the operator the commands and the information
returned to the operator work fine. Where I have an issue is when I
am trying to have the
operator page thru information using a "type/page", which is sort of
similar to a more command on a Unix server. The output, which is
buffered to load a page of information to be displayed, does not show
up anywhere, and the line asking the user to "press enter or space
bar" to display the next screen goes to the output of listener process
running on my VMS server. If I run the listener interacively I can
press CTRL-Z to exit the "Type/Page" command and control goes back to
the menu on the operator's screen.
Any ideas on how I can keep control of the screen with the operator
instead of the listener process?
Do I need to redefine SYS$OUTPUT, SYS$INPUT, and/or SYS$COMMAND on
the VMS side somehow?

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