On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 4:27 PM, Rob Dixon wrote:

Why are you replying to me? My post did use the three-argument form of
open(). Also:

- It is bad form to use upper case letters for lexical variables
"Perl Best Practices" disagrees with you.

- Passing / / as the first parameter of split() will split on the first
single space in the string. It is better to use ' ' instead which
discards leading whitespace and splits on the next contiguous
sequence of whitespace

Maybe I don't want to disregard leading whitespace? The regex was
appropriate for my example--which by the way was not about regexes. My
example was meant to demonstrate how split() works in the easiest possible
manner--eliminating the use of perl's global variables or anything else that
might confuse a beginner. The intricacies of how split() works can be
gleaned from the docs.

- IMO it is bad manners and contrary to the spirit of the list to offer
only an enigmatic handle to identify the author
I admire community activists. Good luck with your cause.


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