Maxipoint Rep Office wrote:

: Have someone idea or url how create Triple Combo Box with Perl?
: something like here:
: http://javascriptkit.com/script/script2/triplecombo.shtml
: but not redirection at the end, i need only data submision
: after user select combination..

It won't look the same in perl. In JavaScript all the
info for every combination is sent with the page. Each
time you select a different value from the first box, the
values of the second box change. This is all done through
JavaScript, using the clients browser.

To replicate this is only perl, the user would select
a value from the first menu and than submit that to the
server, the server would then return the values for the
second set. Each time, the server sends a new page
rewriting everything instead of just the combo box

The user also has to send the information selection
from each combo with a button if you want to completely
eliminate all JavaScript. If you want the selection sent
as the choice is selected, you need JavaScript. So why
not use the JavaScript triple combo?

To sum up, yes, you can get triple box functionality
with perl, but the user won't experience the same feel as
she does with the JavaScript version. The perl version
would require at least two trips to the server before
data selection.


Charles K. Clarkson
Mobile Homes Specialist
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