Thanks, I'll try it. But I'll have to go to 5.8 from 5.6, which Activestate
has advised against since the Windows 5.8 is so buggy. I'll try it and let
you know.

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Subject: Re: Mial::Mailer Date Stamp and Error Handling using SMTP Service

Smith Jeff D wrote:
I was wondering if someone could point me in the right
direction for using the Mail::Mailer module. I have two questions:

I have a simple script to mail log files to systems administrators
using Mail::Mailer --that works fine as it is.

1. Date/Timestamp modification: But I notice that if I pass today's
date to the Mailer using using the "localtime(time)" function, the
date that appears on my email system shows the correct date but a time
that's 4 hours earlier. I thought that maybe it was correcting the
time to GMT but this timestamp is 4 hours more westerly, not easterly
at GMT would be. All the servers and PCs involved point to the same
timeserver and that seems fine.

I'm in the U.S. Eastern time zone. The variable, $todaysdate,
that picks up the localtime string shows the correct date and time,
before it's sent off with the Mailer header information but not when
it's received from my mail viewer, Windows Outlook. I notice that the
properties on the Outlook message shows the received and modified
times for the message properly but not the sent time. So it appears
that somewhere between my system, the SMTP server and my Exchange
server, the message is getting its timestamp altered. Any ideas?
Perhaps this module is what you want:

use Perl;

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