Jason Price [jprice@cyberbuzz.gatech.edu] quoth:
*>I'm having problems getting perl to build on solaris8.
*>When I do the 'make test' or './perl harness' in the t directory, all the
*>tests dealing with sockets fail. The error is:
*>ld.so.1: ./perl: fatal: relocation error: file
*>.../lib/auto/Socket/Socket.so: symbol inet_aton: referenced symbol not found
*>I am doing a very default configuration. I've built with gcc, and with
*>SUNW Pro C, the only change I've made other than default is to NOT replace
*>This is a very ordinary solaris8 box. It has some gnu development tools
*>added to it, but otherwise it's just a full install.
*>google says some people have had simalar problems with much older versions
*>of perl (5.6, 5.0....), but solutions have not been forthcoming.

Read the README.solaris
http://search.cpan.org/author/JHI/perl-5.8.0/README.solaris in the 5.8.0
distribution paying most attention to the GNU as and GNU ld section.

On all of my 8 boxen, 5.8.0 compiles with all the default configs and
2.95.5 gcc without a hitch. If you have gcc 3.x, I'd highly recommend you
move back to the 2.95.x compiler since I've had some problems with 3.x on
Solaris with some packages.


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