Pfeiffer, Richard [richard.pfeiffer@retek.com] quoth:
*>Wondering what list I should send a question to regarding CPAN modules, in
*>particular, the intitial config file.
*>Ignore the rest of this lengthy diatribe if this is not the correct list.

There is no CPAN.pm list sadly but installing modules can be topical on
nearly every perl related list so don't worry about it too much.

*>When I loaded my first module, actually a bundle, I used:
*>perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Bundle::Bugzilla"'
*>It then prompted for a series of answers, ranging from what mirror sites I'd
*>like to use to where gzip, make, etc., are located.
*>Well, since doing that, I have installed a diffent make and am trying
*>desperately wanting/trying to tell perl/CPAN this, but not sure exactly how
*>to go about it. Everytime I run or re-run a module installation, it still
*>runs from the old location and bombs with errors such as:
*>I see that there are two Config.pm files ( Config.pm and Config.pm~ ) in the
*>perl installation dir located at:
*>I saw that the make setting is located there and I am about ready to try
*>just tweaking it manually by editing those files. However, I can't imagine
*>that's the proper way to do that! Any ideas? Tried install on the
*>CPAN::FirstTime module, but that just returned an "everything is up-to-date"
*>Then I did a recompile CPAN::FirstTime module. Went through everything, but
*>no prompts for locations, mirrors, etc.


In the pod is a description of all the configuration parameters. If you do
something like

cpan>o conf make <path to new make>
cpan>o conf commit

it should fix the problem. If it doesn't, go in as a last resort and edit
it manually. You can also try the MyConfig.pm tactic which will override
the system config.

There is a 'grok-cpan.pdf' in http://www.cpan.org/authors/id/H/HF/HFB/
that you may find helpful.

And, you may want to get aquainted with
http://search.cpan.org/author/KANE/CPANPLUS-0.036/ if you feel like
giving it a try. It's still in development but it may make your life


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