drieux [drieux@wetware.com] quoth:
*>On Monday, June 3, 2002, at 07:53 , Jason Frisvold wrote:
*>> Am I in the dark here? I thought the latest stable was 5.6.1?
*>>What's with 5.7.x?? I know 5.8.x is brandy new... And 6.x is
*>>apparently going to be the "new" god to follow...
*>hence why I have not worried about going to 5.7.X yet - since
*>the WayWonkaGeeks have not fully evolved to 5.8.1+....

5.7.x is the development version as will 5.9.x for 5.10. Unless you're a
porter or just dinking around you shouldn't install 5.7.x on a box for
regular use.

*>but why, on the other hand, when the WayWonakGeeks moved to
*>5.7 I thought about 5.6 - and when Apple and linux red hat
*>pushed out 5.6 as their default version - I just opted
*>to move on down the road....

They did this because 5.6.x is the production/stable release. No
commercial vendor and no opensource OS group has released a 5.7.x with
their product due to the fact that it is the development version.

*> Let's Fart Funny Files in /tmp
*> and see what the SysAdminStaff does when
*> they finally notice that they should have
*> built these boxes with a 4x swap to memory

Old convention was 2x system memory, but this has waned to 1x these days
with better memory management. No box should have to swap that much unless
it is poorly configured or you have an asstard of a user who needs their
knuckles broken and dropped into a restricted shell that no longer
includes perl.

*>All of which is part and parcel of the debate about whether or
*>not one wishes to take one's risks with the new versions of perl,
*>or with the new implementations of algorithms one wishes to implement
*>in Perl Code....
*>Remember kiddies that the Advanced Programming in Perl book came
*>out in 1997 - and they have been trying to make perl a production
*>grade software environment..... And we were all running which rev
*>of perl back then?????

I still use 5.005_03 in production. If it ain't broke and you don't have a
compelling need or whiny user pestering you there's no reason to run out
and upgrade on the first day of the release of a major new version.


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