--- Carl Rogers wrote:
One word of caution.... it looks to me like this will catch
duplicates lines, just as long as the duplicate lines follow each
other. . . . <snip>
I posted a one-liner that does the same as the code below. =o)
while (<INPUTFILE>){
if (not $seen{$_}) {
$seen{$_} = 1;
print OUTFILE;
else {

I wish I could tell you why/how it works (I'm *still* working my way
up to newbie status), but it does. (Magic??)..
Not magic. =o)
the code above says:
while (<INPUTFILE>){
reads a line of the file into $_
if (not $seen{$_}) {
checks a global hash called %seen for a key equal to $_
(the line just read). If it WASN'T already in the hash
(in other words, we haven't %seen it =o) . . .
$seen{$_} = 1;
print OUTFILE;
then PUT it in the hash, and print the record.
else {
Otherwise, we've already printed it when we put it in the hash,
so do nothing.

Paul ;o]

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