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Hi all,

For those interested in neural nets, there's a new version of
AI::NeuralNet::Simple out
( This version
incorporates a good-sized patch from Raphael Manfredi, the author of

New features:

Added tanh activation function.
train_set() now accepts a maximum error rate target.
Multiple network support.
Persistence via storable.

AI::NeuralNet::Simple is an easy to use "feed forward, back propogation
neural network." Since the core of the module is written in C, it's
very fast. The only significant (known) limitation of the module at
this point is that the number of layers (3) is fixed. However, this is
a very common number of layers for this type of network, so it's not
too bad.

The docs make loud warnings about the code being alpha and it claims to
be a "simple learning module" but I think it's solid enough at this
point that it might actually be useful.


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