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On Feb 5, 2005, at 1:26 AM, Richard Jelinek wrote:
True true. And while this is true, the reports about nonfunctional SVM
are also true. At least I can confirm them and have mentioned them
here some time ago already.

What can/will "we" do about this?
Oh yes, sorry I forgot to address this in my message.

I remember I looked into this a couple years ago, when Algorithm::SVM
was first released, and couldn't figure out a solution. I wrote to the
authors of libsvm, and got the impression from them that it's sort of
just the way that code is on large data sets, and we'd be better off
using bsvm instead.

I think there may be other alternatives by now too, but unfortunately I
haven't had any time to look into them, and I think this cause is sort
of "waiting for a champion."


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