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Jason Armstrong wrote:
I've been looking at AI::Categorizer. I have a list of all valid vehicle
descriptions (about 8200). I create for each of these a knowledge set,
with the content the same as the category:


my $c = new AI::Categorizer(
knowledge_set => AI::Categorizer::KnowledgeSet->new
( name => 'Vehicles', ),
learner_class => 'AI::Categorizer::Learner::NaiveBayes');

my $l = $c->learner;

my %docs;
foreach (vehicle descriptions) {
$docs{$i}->{content} = $content;
$docs{$i++}->{category} = [$content];

foreach (keys %docs) {
$c->knowledge_set->make_document(name => $_, %{$docs->{$_}});


Sometimes it works well:
I'm using AI::Categorizer to categorize books and have many of the same
questions as you. AI::Categorizer::Learner::KNN is working the best and
like you when ever I try AI::Categorizer::Learner::SVM it blows up every
time. I even moved it off onto a 64 bit machine with 8 gigs of memory
and it still won't run. We have over 10,000 trained books using the text
supplied by Amazon to train with.


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