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--- Richard Jelinek wrote:
Our NLP/NLU application does run on both environments, as long as we
do not use the Yaswi module (newest version fails with the 4.0.9 on
production as well as with 5.5.x if we want to put that on
From what I understand about Yaswi and SWI-Prolog, I know it runs runs
on 5.1.x and 5.2.x and the 5.1 series is the minimum. 5.5.x
definitely fails.
You know - I'm almost ashamed to say this, because I haven't
contributed a single line to either project, but the
consolidation-driven manager in me feels a certain bitterness about
seeing double effort and two halfway-done projects.
Believe me, I certainly understand that. I certainly had no intention
of releasing my own, but I couldn't find anything else :(
Ovid: Is it really less work to push AI::Prolog to where you probably
want it to be (engine ported to C), than harness development (and
thus power) of the SWI engine and team up with Salvador?
That depends, I suppose, on whether or not Salvador has the time. I
realize that there's a lot of work involved. I would like to work on
providing a cleaner interface, docs, tests, etc. to Yaswi, but I
confess that my C is rusty -- anyone reading through
AI::NeuralNet::Simple can tell you that :) In order for me to feel
really confident, I'd need a bit of a roadmap on the C portion to know
what's really involved in developing on that side.

Personally, I think Salvador's module is a much better starting point.
Mine, however, is being actively developed and has no external
dependencies. It's a tough call.

Salvador, are you listening? :)
3) interface. We had good experience with Inline::C, I just don't get
it, why it shouldn't be possible to embed prolog programs in Perl
exactly that way. (the HEREDOC of AI::Prolog comes nearest to this
requirement). So why no Inline::Prolog?
I have not personally looked into doing Inline::Prolog. Others I have
spoken with tell me that doing this would be a bit of a nightmare
though targeting a C interface to Prolog might not be so bad. This
sounds like the route that Salvador is taking. I suppose I should look
into this again. Maybe it's easier than I thought?


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