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The name is not a problem for me; however, I'd like to know what is and
isn't in Algorithm::Evolutionary or AI::GP that you decided to create a
new (and it's the 3rd EA Perl library, I think), instead of adapting/extending
what is already done.
Nothing really. As I said in my announcement, I wrote this mainly to
learn. I don't know about other people, but personally, I learn much
much better if I struggle with developing the code. I tried to state
this as explicitly as I could in both the PODs and the announcement
to avoid confusion. Also, this version of AI::Genetic is virtually
identical to what I sent as an attachment to this mailing list around a
year ago (checking the archives, I see that that was around 2 years ago
.. damn how time flies), before I even knew about OPEAL or other Perl
evolutionary algorithm modules. I also can't find AI::GP on my CPAN

Having said this, Algorithm::Evolutionary definitely seems a much broader
project, and has many more features than AI::Genetic. Perhaps one day I'll
contribute to Al::E, but for now I'm happy with slowly improving my
AI::Genetic, again, just to learn.

And, John Porter, if you are reading this, I still have your suggestions
in mind. They will go one day into AI::Genetic :)


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