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At 19:28 17/07/2002, Ovid wrote:
There are many who are more qualified than I to write AI::Perlog, but no
one seems to be putting
any time towards it.
Maybe Language::Perlog would be a better namespace?
Easier for people to find? (But then Perlog is a
not-easy-to-find name, I guess).
I also expect to throw away several versions (I've already tossed one)
while learning this, so
this could be a long process.
Hey, well keep us posted - it sounds interesting.

I learnt PROLOG on my MSc course at Uni, and
enjoyed it alot -- sadly rarely use it since I'm
working in the boring Internet field atm. The
best book I found was Bratko:

Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence (Ivan Bratko)

Good luck
lee (now slightly more hungover)

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