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Hi Juan,

Looks like a good project. I do have a few comments on it:

1) You should get it on CPAN immediately. I tend not to trust
code that's not on CPAN, in a number of different ways
(seriousness of the project, capabilities of the author, etc.).

2) Some of the package names are not very friendly - you need a
top-level package name (you suggest AI::EA but don't seem to use
it anywhere), and names like "IndiBase" and "StringIndi" don't
really speak to me. More useful would be names like
AI::EA::Individual and AI::EA::Individual::String.

3) The formatting of code on pages like isn't working right.

If this module were to solidify very soon into something that
people could use in any stable way (stable packages and
interfaces), I'd probably like to include it in the tutorial I'm
giving at this year's Perl Conference:

On Wednesday, May 29, 2002, at 09:03 PM, Juan J. Merelo wrote:

I would like to announce the release of version 0.4 of
OPEAL, the Perl evolutionary algorithm library.

This release includes more kind of individuals, notable
GPIndi, a tree-like data structure for genetic programming
(which uses DAG::Node), more genetic operators (CX, InverOver),
more algorithms (Simulated Annealing), more termination
conditions (generational, delta), more selection strategies
(RouletteWheel), and, generally, more of everything.

Check the new stuff at , or
download it thru the CVS server ot a bundle from

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!

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