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Recently I was reading and still reading about Link Grammar (LinkParser), Depencity grammars etc.. Plus some examples with Lingua::LinkParser & Lingua::WordNet, also something about Lingua::EN::Ambiguty (can't find the module only article on it) ...
In short these articles/examples/papers I found mostly concentrete on the on the firts part of linguistic process i.e. POS(part-of-speech)-parsing and to very small extent to sense-tagging ...
What I'm searching now is some docs on the next stages i.e.

- sense tagging (more info on this is welcome)
- building/finding a way to represent the Meaning
- and finaly generating the final output (to natural and artifical languages)

I seem to get some initial understanding of the things :"), but more reading is needed ...

Thanx alot in advance

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