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Supercomputer AI aLife is one step closer now with the recent
standardization of the topmost aLife module of the Robot Mind,
shown here in the MSIE JavaScript version available online at -- Open Source AI:

// aLife() (artificial life) is the main AI Mind program loop.
function aLife() { // ATM 14may2002; or your ID & date.
Security(); // For human control and operation of the AI.
// Sensorium(); // Audition; other human-robot input senses.
// Emotion(); // Quasi-physiological influence upon thought.
if (quiet == true) { // If not processing input...
Think(); // Syntax and vocabulary of natural languages.
} // End of test that user input has turned to "quiet".
// Volition(); // Contemplative selection of motor options.
// Motorium(); // Robotic activation of motor initiatives.
if (life == true) { // If the AI has not met with misadventure,
fyi = "aLife: calling itself; t = "+t+"; rejuvenations = "+rjc;
Voice(); // Display the Voice:nuntius "For Your Information".
TID=window.setTimeout("aLife();",rsvp); // Call aLife again.
} // End of quasi-loop time-delay of rsvp-value milliseconds.
} // End of one pass through the aLife Mind that repeats itself. documents the AI module
based on Comprehensive Perl Archive Network namespace ideas at (q.v.).

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