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The same tar-filled brush that swiped AI will
get KM too, becaue again the (hype+bs)/value
ratio is very high. In fact the small pieces of
KM that are worthwhile are based on a variety of
techniques: mostly statistical natural language
processing (This is not a mainstream part of linguistics
for many years, because it does not pay any attention
to even grammar. Rather it is IR (information retrieval)
informed by AI, statistic, data mining, etc.

Teh part of KM that is most like AI has the same
probelms of it doesn't scale in size,
knwoledge from one "domain" doesn't transfer
easily to another domain, etc.

The benefit of the AI namespace is that people
will think to look there.
No one who is not alreadyu aware of the acronym
KM would look there. I too prefer to avoid
acronyms except those that are already deeply
entrenched in the culture -- AI is one such.

Hopefully helpfully yours,
Steven Tolkin 617-563-0516
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There is nothing so practical as a good theory. Comments are by me,
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From: John Douglas Porter
Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2002 12:39 AM
Subject: Re: An ML:: namespace?

Matt Youell wrote:
AI::Categorize. Tasks like categorization, taxonomy, etc.
seem to be less
"AI" and more Knowledge Management (KM).
I dunno. That really depends on what you define as AI.
Traditionally, the AI net is cast broadly enough to cover
those things.

Knowledge Management is an existing
term that's common in Fortune 500 settings (vs. academia),
and there are
many active products exploring that market right now. It's
a common enough
term to be recognized, still broad,
And this touches on the heart of the problem, as I've described in
another email. It's not that "AI" carries a lot of
baggage... So what?
It's that the category is just TOO broad!

I actually like "ML::", except for the fact that it would no doubt
have other meanings to other people.
(Someone said there is no precedent for top-level names for
other languages. In fact, there is "C::", but admittedly
that's a special case.)

And I'm thinking that acronyms are probably suboptimal, in general.

John Douglas Porter

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